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POSTED BY admin 31. März 2020 in Senshi Gaming
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After a long time, we from „Senshi Gaming“ finally have a website again. This website you see is only temporary. We want to make a good impression to the outside world and best of all from now on. For this reason, we created a website based on an old system and design to have a nice appearance.

We will change this system and also the design in the future. However, each system needs a longer time to be finished. And yes, we have contacted many different suppliers in this area and have also bought several systems. Unfortunately none of these systems convinced us, the management of Senshi Gaming.

In order to be able to meet exactly these demands, we are currently developing a system. This will also include a lot of features for the community and the teams.

We hope that this system will not scare you away and we are looking forward to a bright future.

Best Regards
Senshi Gaming Management

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